Shipping network

In shipping, network is very important. With ShipOffer website or app, we can connect shippers, owners, brokers very easy.

ShipOffer is the unique, the especial website, app in the world, where all of people from companies in import/export companies, ship owners company, brokers company can be easily to contact to each other. They just need to send email to

If the shippers/charterers who have cargoes and want to find the suitable vessel to transport their cargoes from country to country, region to region they just need to send email detail of their cargoes to and shipowners or brokers who have suitable vessels will contact them and discuss about terms of fixture note.

Besides, when shipowners/brokers who have vessel free at whichever port, they need cargo to go further. They can also send detail of the vessels to, shippers/charterers, brokers who have suitable cargo can easy to find them and send them suitable offer and they can proceed to sign the contract.

All the services in website/app ShipOffer now is free.



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