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This information resources document is offered by the Maritime Knowledge Centre specifically to assist those who are conducting research in 
the area of the “ISM Code”. All users of this document should be aware that the information presented in this document has been compiled 
from a limited variety of sources, which cannot be guaranteed to reflect the most-up-to-date examination or complete survey of the subject 
concerned or of the associated issues and possible points of view. You may wish to refer to the Internet major search engines for further 
Furthermore, some of this information is subject to copyright protection and restriction as to distribution or re-circulation. Additionally, while 
every reasonable effort has been made to focus only on (publicly available) information which is valid and helpful, neither the IMO nor its 
Maritime Knowledge Centre can accept responsibility for information which is out-of-date, incomplete, biased or otherwise inaccurate, 
misleading or offensive; and the mention of a reference, item of information, publication, product or service in this document should not be 
viewed as constituting a validation or endorsement by IMO as to its quality, content, or value.
Finally, users who have questions regarding the interpretation and/or implementation of IMO instruments should direct such questions to 
their National Maritime Administration.
The Maritime Knowledge Centre is not in a position to provide copies of any material for copyright reasons but will gladly answer your 
queries on where to obtain it.

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